Cybersecurity definition sometimes includes or do not includes Physical Security on its scope. When included, is is often only as a last addition remark without much guidance like if the subject was too “physical” for the digital world.

On the other side the physical security industry do not feel themselves much concered about such subject neither. Main leaders are completely missing from Cybersecurity events and they generally consider their activity as a whole and not as an element of a wider security chain.

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If you joined this page wondering if you should include Physical Security into your company Cybersecurity strategy, we strongly encourage you to do so.
Would you or your company use a password or an encryption key generated by a third party company or individual? Probably not. So you shouldn’t normally use an access card already setup by a reseller neither.
These are just some example from many reflexions that should happen when you approach Physical Security with a different angle.

We, at Leosac, embrace such approach. We also believe that cybersecurity has better achievement with open source solution, that’s why we are engaged on such development paradigm into the physical access control industry.