Software solutions for the access control industry.


 Secure and fully customizable Credential Provisioning solution for both physical and virtual identities.


We act daily for the physical security industry with a mindset coming from the software security world.


Our solutions are working on most environments with minimum system resources requirement.

Pay as you grow and as needed. If you own the expertise internally then you can even start from free and submit to a plan later one. Otherwise we will gladly support you from the start!


Business relationship and security itself is all about trust.

We are focused on delivering quality software and long term services without any kind of lockdown to build such trust.

Latest articles

Own your keys – Campaign for a stronger physical access control industry

We launched a short promotional campaign to promote a stronger physical access control industry.

First release of Leosac Key Manager

After one month of closed beta, the first version of Leosac Key Manager has been finally released! Special thanks to our closest partners for their valuable tests and feedback.

Physical Security is Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity definition sometimes includes or do not includes Physical Security on its scope. When included, is is often only as a last addition remark without much guidance like if the subject was too "physical" for the digital world. On the other side the physical...

Licensing and Pricing explained

Focus on Leosac’s source code licensing and the generic pricing model in place.