After one month of closed beta, the first version of Leosac Key Manager has been finally released! Special thanks to our closest partners for their valuable tests and feedback.

Lion Box

All is in the box

This release is not only a binary packaging. First version of the software documentation has been rolled out to ensure basic support for everyone.

The commercial offer with public pricing and related services are available as well. If key management for physical access control industry is a critical activity for your business, we strongly encourage you to check out our plans on the dedicated web page.

Last but not least, the source code of this release has been published under GPLv3 license.

You can now manage all your secrets of access cards from different key stores, securely generate and deploy new ones. What’s best is that it does not only works with NXP SAM AV2/AV3 but also with HSM PKCS#11, and it has even been designed to support additional secure key storage technologies. The UI is modern and the commercial offer fair to everybody.

Real security on physical access control systems shouldn’t be elitist but the standard. I’m glad to work at facilitating such democratisation by providing the right tool to be used by the industry.

Maxime C.


What’s next?

We want to hear from you and ensure our software match your basic requirements. Stabilise, improve, … even if we consider quality and security as a priority, well, it remains software and you know the deal with first releases.

The next major feature will be without doubts SAM AV3 chip support.

New key stores type for more specific chips or protocols used by the access control industry may be added in medium terms.

Then we will focus on improving the premium services offer, like our Key Leaking service. More information on such services will be provided on a further post.