Code License

Leosac software are mainly under AGPL-3.0 license for server components, GPL-3.0 license for standalone application and LGPL-3.0 license for libraries.

AGPL is a criticized license because of being highly viral. This is exactly what we are looking here to ensure that any derivated work would embrace our mission of making the physical access control industry more open. We believe that such derivated work would be valuable to achieve this purpose and then should remains public (eg. a new credential technology to support). Any individual/company specific business/workflow can be achieved outside the AGPL scope consuming the WebSocket or REST API exposed by Leosac’s solutions (eg. the authorization process through an HR system).

If you’re working into a company with some kind of strict AGPL ban policy like Google, it is not necessary a blocker: talk to your Open Source Programs Office if any or your Legal Department representative. If you use Leosac’s products and services as it is then you don’t have to worry about the source code licensing. For any licensing or legal question, feel free to contact us at


Pricing Model

All plans are about distribution, services, support and premium plug-ins. You are free to go with your own distribution method by yourself in respect to the license.

We will follow the same pricing rules for each solution:

  • Free plan, targeting individuals and tests – not really a plan
  • Premium plan, targeting small companies
  • Corporate plan, targeting large organizations
  • Lifetime Premium plan (not available for Saas/Cloud), one-time payment  without support
  • Lifetime Corporate plan (not available for Saas/Cloud), one-time payment without support

Each plan except the Lifetime plan is available as On-Premises and as Cloud options. You can setup as many plan as you want but only one free plan per account.

Additionally, some specific modules created by third parties may have dedicated pricing.